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Horní Maršov

The village in jinction of river Úpa and Lysečský brook. it was founded in 11st century. In 17th century the ore was mined there. The main development of village was adherent with building of railway to Svoboda nad Úpou.

In the year 1792 the count Aichelburg reared classical chateau. Interesting are also the Renaissance cemetery church from the beginning of 17th century and parish church Nanebevzetí Panny Marie from the end of 19th century.

In the surroundings of village you can found the rests of former mines. In Vodovodní valley at the foothills of Rýchory there are several caves. Today is Horní Maršov an important mountain recreation centre.

Infocentre Veselý výlet - Temný Důl 46, 542 26 Horní Maršov, tel.: +420-499 874 298, fax: +420-499 874 221, e-mail:

Infocentre KRNAP - Temný Důl, 542 26 Horní Maršov, tel.: +420-499 874 264

Horní MaršovHorní Maršov
Horní Maršov
Horní Maršov - theaterHorní Maršov - theater
Horní MaršovHorní Maršov
Horní Maršov
Church in Horním MaršovChurch in Horním Maršov
Church Nanebevzetí Panny Marie